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Monday, March 28, 2011

"And whose side are you on" asked the young hobbit?

"I am on no body's side because nobody is on my side," replied Treebeard. Actually this scene has nothing to do with my post but I liked it for the title. But there is a good point to take from this. Pippin naturally asked because there was a war on and as far as he could tell there was only two sides. I know that in modern day warfare there can be the two opposing sides as well as different views and so on but when you boil it all down is there still not only two sides?

So what then is my post about? Well it is quite simply about sides. Sides in a battle that I know will tread on a few, or more than a few, toes. Which battle is that? Specifically the battle between evolution and creation, more broad it is the battle between God and man. It is an age old conflict and this is why I know it will step on a few toes because for anyone who reads it there will most certainly be those who disagree with me. Oh well, such is life, at least in this world.

I am sitting at work right now and I just read an article about a science teacher in Chicago who was recently reprimanded for mentioning creationism in his science class. The case was brought up by an atheist who said that it is wrong to teach creation in the science classroom as well as against the law. Now I will not get into specifics I will just say he was told not to do it again and it was dropped. But why even the issue? First of all it is not illegal to teach creation in the classroom but is often brought up as a quick easy out because many people do not know that it is not illegal and most people do not want to be guilty of breaking the law.

My point is this. In this battle there are only two sides. For God, or for man. Right now is when some will say "what do you mean, either we must accept creation or evolution?" First of all I did not say it. I have heard it said. Secondly I would first ask that one carefully searches his beliefs and see just what path they will lead him on, or what would the conclusion be. For example, if one subscribes to special creation by God in six literal days as it records in Genesis where does it force one to either re-interpret scripture, contradict scripture, or change scripture from say a historical account to a metaphorical one? Theologically it is sound as this is just a literal reading of the Genesis account of creation.

Now if one were to subscribe to evolution then one must decide first of all to be either a humanist and accept evolutionary theory in its entirety which says there was no God and it all happened by chance random processes, or one must make some kind of compromise to try to harmonize the bible with the theory. For example, to say that millions of years were used by God to come to a complete creation over all that time one must accept that death was a natural part of all that time and therefore death was around before sin as this was before Adam but even Adam must be seen as not an actual person but rather a representation of man in general. If that is true then one must also accept that when the scriptures tell us that Jesus died to conquer death one must ask why if death was a natural part of God's original design for life from the beginning of the ages.

You see I am a creationist. I believe that there is supporting evidence for it and that it makes the most sense theologically with the very foundational beliefs of our scriptures as Christians. Evolution however, in its very basics, is trying to explain the world without God. To say God did it does not give credibility to God's character. To say he allowed death before sin, went on to say it was good, and then came to save us from death just makes no sense. No, evolution is not compatible with the bible.

But here is where I would draw attention to the opposing side of creationism. In this battle of the school teacher who was the one who brought it up? Was it a christian parent upset that his kid's teacher was teaching creation? No, it was an atheist! Here is how I look at it. If I was to hold that some form of evolution was possible and that God used it and that if I interpret the scriptures a certain way to make it harmonize so that everything fits so I can have my faith and my science then is everything okay?

Well ask yourself this. When it comes down to it who are those pushing to make creationism illegal in the classroom? Who are the loudest proponents for evolution? What do die hard evolutionists say about creationism? "Some sky fairy said poof and then everything magically appeared." Quoted from discussion boards on the very same news feed of the teacher being reprimanded. If my belief is just a combination of faith with the world's science am I on the right side? If some one would have called the God of the universe a sky fairy I am sure David would have said to us the same thing he said to the Israelites, "who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?"

We may not have all the answers to give for everything we see around us, although neither do the evolutionists, but does that mean the answers are not there? On the same discussion board an atheist gave an example as to why there isn't a God. If your house is your world and you are looking in your house for your keys and do not find them then they don't exist. That is the abridged version of his statement but the general idea. He adds more in where you look and so on but his conclusion is the same. He then says that if you look for God and he cannot be found then he therefore does not exist. Well let me ask him a question. Does your house have a window? Could you have dropped your keys out the window and therefore they exist but outside of your world? Could God exist outside of your world? Or maybe as Indiana Jones and his friend Sala says of the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark. "They're digging in the wrong place!" Maybe they are looking for a god of they're own imaginings and since they cannot find him then he doesn't exist. God says quite clearly in the bible that the invisible attributes of Him are clearly seen ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. Romans 1:20.

Does all this mean I am right and others are wrong? As I do not know all ends I can not say yes and I can not judge others motives behind their beliefs, all I can do is look at the world around me and use scripture to interpret it. I believe that I am right. I know God exists else my faith would be a blind faith. And if I know God exists then is it possible that he created the world in six very literal days, well why not? If He is an all powerful God could He not have done it all in an instant? Six days has a meaning and a purpose for us, our work week. Ages of time has no meaning or purpose, it is only necessary for evolution to be plausible. Take a serious look at more than just the so called "scientific evidence" to see where you stand. Is more being compromised than just the start of a book? If the interpretation of the evidence disagrees with the foundation of scripture then which should be thrown out, scripture, or the interpretation of the evidence? And is there another possible interpretation of the same evidence that agrees with scripture?

God Bless you in your journey.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Walking with my God

What does it mean to follow someone? When driving if you are following someone you make every turn they make so as not to get lost. Or when playing follow the leader you do all that they do so as not to loose the game. But what does this mean when paired with following our God?

I have been a christian for many years now. That does not make me any better or any worse than any other just stating a fact. In those years I have grown in considerable ways as every christian is called to do. I have learned much, seen much, and worshiped many different ways, meaning taken part in different denominational worship services. In this journey I have learned much of what it means to walk with my God.

Does this again mean I know more than others? Please understand the point of this post. I am talking of myself, not comparing. I have a saying that I can't remember now if I made it up or if I heard it somewhere but it goes like this, Lord, help me to be better than I was yesterday but worse than I will be tomorrow. The meaning is quite clear, it is just to say that I want to be better every day. I want to achieve a greater heart, greater attitude, greater likeness of my Lord everyday. After all, we are called to be transformed into his likeness.

A journey can take many paths. A journey is not like a vacation, or a trip. The very idea of the word trip seems like a short trip to the store or a trip to grandmas house, but the word journey brings with it the idea of a lengthy travel, a trip if you will of some long duration. To follow Christ is just such a journey.

In my travels I have learned many things. Some of those things I have learned opened my eyes to errors I had in my way of thinking. A fun example is that I could never understand why Peter was warming himself by the fire when they took Jesus but upon spending time in Israel and having a whole day where it did nothing but snow in the heart of Jerusalem I now understand why Peter was warming himself. To change the way you see things or the way you understand things comes with learning. To never change means you know all and are therefore perfect and have no need of God. Yeah, like that will ever happen!

So in such a journey with Christ we are in essence playing follow the leader. We must do all that He does so as to not loose the game. We must run the race with all diligence so as to win the prize. How can we expect that over time we will make right choices apart from following His guiding? We are trying to become more like Him and He consulted with His Father everyday for guidance. He was our example and so we should follow suit.

Raising three very wild boys in this ungodly world I can see the value of living consistently with scripture as my foundation. everyday must be based on scripture. Sadly this is not always the case, but I am trying to be better than I was yesterday right?

I recently learned two new words, Exegesis and Eisegesis. Now exegesis means to read the bible and bring truth from the scriptures, and eisegesis means to read the bible and interpret it based on human experience. Now I may seem naive and I have in fact been called that recently in an Internet discussion board for standing up for young earth creationism but I have always thought that if I approach God's word ready to hear what He has for me to hear then the word of God speaks for itself. I know there are many who will most certainly disagree with me on this line but that is as it is.

So what is walking with my God? Quite simply it is following His every move to the best of my ability to become more like His Son. Looking for His guiding word everyday of my life in order to stay within His will for my life. And talking with Him as a friend to learn more of His life and ways. That is walking with my Lord.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A wee bit of news

Hello one and all who check our blog. I must say it is a bit fascinating to look at the statistics on here and see where some of the page views are coming from. Like for example, I just noticed that there was one page view from Iran?! How weird is that? People all around the world that i may not even know are reading my family's news. If I know you who checked in Iran and I just don't remember I am sorry.

Anyways I have a bit of news I would like to share with you all. I would like to share with you about our mission The Prodigal Son Project. Now by now if you check this blog regularly you know all about our mission and its goals. To reach the young travelers of the world with the gospel of Christ. To do this you may also remember that we need to have a house of our own in order to invite the travelers in for a clean and welcoming place to stay where they can feel free to ask about Jesus, or at least experience a nice clean bed and hospitality.

If you remember I put an update on here a while back telling everyone of what we needed to raise in monthly support in order to begin our visa process so we could move over to Scotland by July of this year. I would like to thank all those who have been helping us in this and partnering with us in prayer to see this vision become a reality. But here is the draw back. We have not yet reached our goal of 2,000 dollars of monthly support and that means we are no where near our goal of around 5,000 dollars in regular monthly support.

I have been a missionary on the field for over 6 years. I know the pains of trying to raise support. It goes against anyone who works hard to basically ask people for money to help support them, especially if it is to support not only them but their family as well. Some of you may know of missionary stories where the missionary just prayed and God put it on someones heart to support him or her. Other missionaries however would hold nothing back in letting people know of their needs. Neither is wrong and both are good ways. Sometimes it is a matter of humility to go to someone with your needs and then leave it up to God to move that person's heart.

What am I saying through all of this? Simply this, we need your help. We cannot begin to stress how deeply we believe that God has put this vision in our hearts and we know that the path we are on is where God wants us to be. We ache to share the gospel with these young travelers as well as to be on the mission field again discipleing new believers. But we cannot do this without help. We know that God can move mountains and we are trusting on Him to move in this area of our support. But we are also calling on everyone who is following us to seriously pray and seek God in this. Ask Him what is His will. We thank you all for reading this post and hope that you are well. May God Bless you.