Greetings to you all. We hope you find some interesting bit of news of our family and what we are up to. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

School, Work, and other activities

Greetings to all of those who like to keep up with the Bierlys.  It has been a busy year since it's start and it looks as if it is going to be a busy year altogether.  Where to begin...

So for those who don't already know we started this year off with a move to Pennsylvania.  But I will not dwell on that as it is old news.  Long story short we have settled in and are trying to etch out a place for us as it looks like the place where we will be for the foreseeable future.

Well with the start of the summer we have had a few new beginnings as well.  First has been trying to figure out what needs to be done for William to prepare him for First grade.  The idea is to have him reading and writing and practicing his math through the summer.  So far this has sorta worked.  We even joined a summer reading program at the Jersey Shore Library to help with this.  The other night we went to one of their activities and saw a fun magic show.

Josue and Gabby are more or less just continuing in their regular routine of play, bug, nag, annoy, and basically just fill the shoes of any other regular 4 and 3 year old.  One big step however has been the rather successful potty training of Gabby.  He still has occasional accidents but on the whole he has done very well.

Lia is busy getting books and supplies ready for William to start first grade and still carries out her Pampered Chef parties so if you know of anyone who wants to buy good quality cook wear then Lia is the lady to call.  The rest of the week she has her hands full trying to find stuff for the boys to do, or stuff to tie up the boys when they get into stuff they shouldn't do.  She is an amazing mother to keep up with these little Tarzans.  Here Nate thought one of him was bad enough, but three!

Nate on the other hand is having some of the bigger changes.  He still works for the post office but because of not working as much as he would like he has had to look for another job.  Back in April he finally heard back from the hospital in Williamsport and is now finishing up his orientee training working as an EMT with their pre-hospital service.  It is a lot different than Living Cross in Los Lunas.  But if two jobs were not enough he is also going back to school!  That's right, classes start in august.  He is going back to Moody Bible Institute (online) for his bachelor's degree in ministry leadership.  Thanks to previous schooling he has done he is able to knock a whole year off of the degree program with transferred credits.  He is very excited.

And to top it all off Lia and Nate are going to be the volunteer Youth leaders in the church here.  It is a very small youth group but still needs someone.  We are both very ready and excited to jump back into ministry and this just fell into our lap.  It was really an answer to prayer.  Please keep us in your prayers as we juggle all these activities that we might still make the time we need for God, and also for each other.  We hope that all of you out there are doing well and that God is keeping you along this journey.  God bless you all.