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Saturday, October 8, 2016

What is this thing called freedom? Is it a get out of jail free card? Is it an excuse to do whatever we want? Or is it a life of peace to let the moss grow over us as we sit idly by? Or maybe, just maybe it is something that we don't think of much in our country today, and in so doing we are actually opening up a door of unspeakable horrors that are about to befall us as a nation, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Let me explain. In the year 1776 our founding fathers felt that the need had arisen to throw aside the chains of leadership that had become an oppression and wage a war that would change the world forever. This was not just a war of rebellion, but a war that was to grant every citizen certain self evident truths, or freedoms. This is where it gets interesting. No where does it say only some individuals hold these truths, and it also does not say that only certain men were created equal, but rather we, as in all, hold these truths to be self evident that ALL men are created equal in the sight of God. Yes I said God, because it was He who led and designed this nation from the beginning to hold these truths to be self evident.

But now fast forward to 2016. We have riots and shootings in the streets with lines drawn between black and white. The "race" card is played so much that it has become a marked card in the deck. We push for equality but then force feed the belief that man evolved from ape like creatures, and that God is not really knowable, in fact let us just remove God from the arena of public life altogether and be so politically correct that we don't even make sense anymore. By the way, for those about to say it there is no mention of "separation of Church and State" in our constitution.  It merely points out that we are to have no state sponsored religion but today that is exactly what we have, the religion of humanism. We have a right in this country called "freedom OF religion", not freedom FROM religion". 

But what does this all have to do with freedom? Quite simply this, freedom, true freedom comes with a price, a price that we have forgotten, and therefore are now paying in the loss of our freedoms. Men died to protect those freedoms, those self evident truths, absolute not relative truths, that man was CREATED equal in the sight of God. They died so that future generations could worship freely, educate their children freely, speak their minds freely, and not be oppressed by a "thousand tyrants one mile away" but instead to be guided by God in their own governance.  And as long as we kept God in our thoughts, and laws then we enjoyed the blessings of God.  It has only been in our outright rebellion against God, in marriage, homosexuality, Biblical skepticism, among other sins that has caused this blessing and protection to lift. We have removed religion from our daily lives and replaced it with a contradictory belief in self.  

Here is where the church comes in to play, we are just as guilty.  We know the Word of God, and still we challenge his word, we fight other groups that are trying to spread the gospel all because we believe that the Bible is not a true historical document and therefore open for interpretation. When will we stop fighting each other and wake up to the true enemy who is sleeping in our living room. Satan has been welcomed in and we are to weak to drive him out. Now is the time to call on the God of our fathers and cry out for repentance as a church, as men of God, and as a nation.  I have been to both the national prayer on the Washington Mall in July, and the Franklin Graham prayer tour in Harrisburg PA and I have seen that there are still many thousands in this country that will call upon the name of the Lord. It is time we all raise our voices before this upcoming election so that this country may truly be called a Christian nation once again, and that we may for the first time show what it means to be a nation where ALL men are created equal in the eyes of God.  I pray this for my country.  Rise up and call upon the Lord your God.