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Monday, May 24, 2010

Prodigal Son Project

Hello all. We are trying this out for the first time so bear with us.
We wanted to post our ideas that we shared in church on sunday of the 23rd. We started out by sharing a slide show about our new ministry. I will try to post this as well for any who missed it or would like to see it again.

So as I was saying, we shared about our new vision for the hostel ministry to start next year. We shared our ideas about starting out of our home on a small scale first and then as we grow we will see about moving into a larger building. The idea for this came from an old couple that I (Nate) stayed with in Ireland a few years ago. They had a few extra rooms in their house that they would let out to backpackers who could not stay in the local hostel because of it being full up. So we thought it might be a good idea to try to do the same thing to start with and then we would grow from there.

We shared about the need to reach backpackers with the gospel because if they are willing to travel the world for fun how much more would they be willing to travel with the gospel.

We also shared the word from God we got about how this ministry was like trying to bring back the prodigal son as told about in Luke chapter 15 starting at verse 11. In the story we read how the younger brother left home to live a free and exciting lifestyle, but soon finds that his lifestyle is not what he thought it would be. He ends up depressed and poor and having nothing. This is many times the case of many backpackers. They go out to experience the world and then return home. However the return home is not quite what they think it to be and many times fall into depression. But they, unlike the prodigal son, are unwilling to return to the Father. They need a guide. We said how God told us not to be like the older brother and be angry but to bring these lost brothers back to the Father and rejoice at their being found, rejoice at their return to the Father.

I hope you all enjoy this news and that this finds you well. God Bless you and talk to you all soon.


  1. Very Cool Idea! Wow! Will keep you in our prayers!

  2. This sounds like a very good idea. You are perfectly suited for this type of ministry Nate! Hope to hear more information soon!