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Friday, April 19, 2013


Life is precious.  Being made in the image of our loving and amazing GOD makes it so.  But everyday more life is snuffed out, sometimes sooner than we think it should.  15 dead in a Texas explosion, 3 dead in the Boston marathon bombings, 7 dead at the hands of a lunatic abortion doctor now on trial for murder, and the number continues to rise.  Will our legislative governing body really be able to stop such insanity by controlling our morality?

Let me ask you all what is sin?  Is there an absolute truth to the universe we live in and if there is, is there an absolute right and wrong?  If there is no absolute right or wrong then there is no absolute truth to the universe in which we live, if there is no absolute truth to the universe then there is no such thing as sin.  Evil is evil only because there is good to oppose it.  How can you have Darth Vader without Luke Skywalker to oppose him?

We use Newtown as a battle cry, sort of like a "remember the Alamo" kind of thing.  "Remember Newtown, and ban our guns".  We plaster the eight year old boy from Boston all over the paper to rally others to our cause, and everyday we turn a blind eye to the thousands of unborn, partial born, or accidentally completely born HUMAN babies that are brutally MURDERED all for the sake of convenience.  And don't anybody feed the excuse of rape, incest, or threat to the mother crap.  several years ago Everet Koop former surgeon general made it perfectly clear when he said that over 90% of all abortions are performed on a matter of convenience.  Over 90%, and yet we have "interfaith" (whatever that means) prayer gatherings to pray (to whose god?) for solace and comfort in this time of chaos and sadness.  And meanwhile homosexuals all across the country are fighting for their right to live in "legalized sin" in open defiance of a God they don't even believe in.  Meanwhile in a small west Texas town dozens of people are still buried under ruble from an explosion but not everyone is involved in search and rescue.  The police are actually doing their job in trying to stop looters!  People are hurt and dying and all the sick and insane can do is steal from them.

Father God, please forgive us if you can, or should I say, if we even want you to.

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