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Monday, November 24, 2014

Backpacking, still in our hearts.

Hello one and all to another post, yes it has been awhile.  In this post I would like to share with you all some awesome new news I have learned coming out of the Christian backpacking community.  It is awesome to say the least.  While I was not personally there I had known about the event in advance thanks to a good friend whom I have never met named G (names changed to protect the innocent).  He just recently emailed me to give me the news and, well, lets just let the email from the conference speak for itself:

"For many years there have been followers of Christ who have been seeking to see God glorified through being beacons of light in the traveller scene. For many years the desire for these followers to be more unified and connected has been an idea, a hope, a dream. The hope of a larger movement has been growing for years
In the past few years this dream has grown beyond an idea, to a small baby in its motherʼs womb. Its growth has been the promise of life to come, the promise of something bigger. There have been many people who have been a part of nurturing this young movement and preparing it for birth...

On Friday March 21st the International Backpacker Ministry Conference began. For three days over 45 people from all over the world, from 12 different nations in North and South America, Europe and Asia, gathered together in Amsterdam. For three days we engaged together in workshops, seminars, prayer, worship and fellowship. Those who attended the conference came from a range of different backgrounds. Some people have been doing backpacking ministry for years. Some people would like to be involved and some people have just discovered the existence of this type of ministry and want to know more.

Regardless of our nationalities, where we currently live or our different backgrounds one thing remains the same: we all love God and love backpackers. We all want to know Jesus and want to make Him known."
This is truly an exciting time for those involved in this ministry.  Even now there is a team from this conference who are also preparing to head out to Scotland next year to do work among the backpacker/travellers there.  Please keep them in your prayers.  God is moving to see many come to him.  Thanks to everyone for reading.  God bless.

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