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Monday, January 24, 2011

Comic Book Superheroes

Have you seen Batman Begins, or Superman Returns, maybe the four X-Men movies, or what about the new ones coming this year like the Green Lantern, or Captain America? Seems like we are a bit obsessed, yes? Well just the other night me and Lia watched Batman Begins and how from the darkness he became a symbol of courage and justice in Gotham. Do you remember any movie lines? The only one I remember from the Micheal Keaton Batman is "Where does he get such wonderful toys?". What about the new one, "It's not who I am that defines me, but what I do." Just a little different. Now don't get me wrong, I like the Keaton Batman, and I like the new Batman, but there is a marked difference in our superheros today. In Superman Returns there is a point when Superman is talking with Lois Lane about her paper where she said that no one needs a saviour anymore, and he turns to the city and says "I can hear them all, and they are crying for a saviour." That quote may not be exact for any of you who are superman fans. It has been awhile since I saw the movie, but you get the idea.

What is the point you ask? It is this. When many of these comic hero wonders were created it was during a time in our history when things were uncertain, people wanted to have someone that could fly in and rescue them, save them from all problems. In the Christopher Reeve Superman we saw him battle Lex Luthor and even turn the whole world around just to save Lois from Death, but in the new one we saw how nothing, not even a convenience store robbery was to small for him to take the time to save. Superman suddenly cared for the everyday joe on the street.

Now we in America must be truly losing our creative streak as instead of thinking up our own new heroes we just resurrect the old ones from the comic books sitting in old boxes in our closet and give them a new flair. But I ask the question, what is our depression today, why are we so desperately searching for a saviour? Because we want to be saved. A weak saviour will not do so we look to one who can fly, one who is not ashamed to wear his underwear on the outside of his spandex. We look to one who can hear us and come to our aid faster than a speeding bullet. We want a hero that can take our sins on himself because he is the only one able to do so, he is the only one able to bear them.

Is the time ripe for our Saviour to be known in His creation again? It would appear so. Will we let the opportunity slip by? I hope not. Will we let our own insecurities keep us from bringing the ultimate saviour to this dying world? It is not about us but about Him, and if Superman can hear them all crying for a saviour, then the true saviour of the world can hear them. It is time to show them not Superman in red and blue spandex, or Batman in his special black armor suit, but Christ in His glory, the empty cross and tomb.

The world is ready and even begging for a saviour, lets show them one.

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