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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Prodigal Son (Backpacker) Project

This is kind of like a refresher for some but maybe a bit new for others as there may be some new folks reading our blog. I wanted to tell you all again a little bit about where we stand right now along with a bit of our purpose for this ministry.

The Prodigal Son Project is a new vision that God has given us. The basic idea is this, to reach young travelers in Europe and ultimately the world with the gospel of Christ there by sending out more traveling missionaries to spread that same gospel to the ends of the earth fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our plan on doing this is to invite these young weary travelers into our home, which will be in Scotland, and having them stay with us. While in our home they will hear the gospel as well as seen it lived out in a day to day basis. They will have a warm and inviting home atmosphere where they can feel free to stay as long as they want and discuss about God, Jesus, life, or anything else they may want to talk about. Backpackers are generally quite open to discussions on religion and we will use this to bring in the gospel. Those that accept Christ will be welcome to stay with us for discipleship and rest to build on their new foundation if they choose. If they wish to move on they will be given whatever tools we can provide, such as a bible, to keep them in the right path as they continue their travels. Hopefully and with God's blessing they will spread their new found faith as they travel and in this way continue to spread the gospel to other areas. This is the goal of the Prodigal Son Project.

Now where are we in seeing this goal? Well right now we are in the USA preparing ourselves to move to Scotland to work with/under YWAM there. YWAM, or Youth With A Mission, is a non-denominational missionary organization. We will be with the YWAM base there for about six months and then move on from there to a small town in the north called Oban. Right now we are facing some challenges. The first is support, we need to have around 4-5,000 a month in regular support raised to pay for the cost of living in Scotland as well as to pay for our plane tickets and visas. We actually need this support before we can even begin processing our visas. and two we will eventually need our own home. As you can guess the cost of houses in the UK are not cheap.

Our prayer and plea is this, that you would pray and ask the Lord to guide you in some way to help us. If it be prayer only we would not be disappointed. A soldier can have everything he needs to attack the enemy, but with out the land ahead prepared through offshore bombardment he can not win. Only with a pre-emptive strike can he succeed. Without prayer we can do nothing. If the Lord should lead you to give we would be greatly pleased as again a soldier can have all the pre-attack he can, but without ammunition for his gun or food for his stomach, he will not survive. We too need the finances to help with everyday expenses. However if the Lord leads you to give just a one time gift that will be thankfully accepted as well. A very necessary part of our ministry is that we own our home in the UK but being expensive we need to raise the money for purchasing a house. All such one time gifts would go towards that house.

I am putting on here information on where to send support if the Lord should lead you in such a way. The address is ACI Int. P.O. Box 1131 Clifton, CO 81520 Checks can be made out to ACI International. With the check enclose a letter stating that it is "preferenced for BIE", do not put our name anywhere on the check.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this and we thank you for your prayers. For a sideshow and more info on our mission please see our earlier post in the blog archives on the right side of the page and click on "2010" and then on "May". Thank you so much.

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