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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A new book

Greetings to one and all. I thank you all for your time to check out this blog and see what news our family is up to. I am sorry I have not written in a while but I have been a bit busy. In August I (nate) was in California for two weeks taking a class for becoming an EMT Basic. I am now nationaly registered and I hope to be state certified by the end of the week and should soon after that be working for an ambulance company in Albuquerque. Although I am not sure if it will happen that fast. I say Albuquerque because for those of you who do not know we have moved to Albuquerque just last month. We are living in a little three bedroom apartment for the time being while we wait to see when we will be moving to Scotland. Yes we are still aiming for Scotland as that is where our heart is. So in the mean time I have done something to try and raise some money for our mission.

If anyone is interested I have written a book and had it published. Yes that is right, I have published a book. It is called This Pilgrim's Journey and is available at this address: and in about another week it will be available on The book covers various topics from Creation vs Evolution, to Love, Sex, and Marriage, and even answers questions such as Does God Exist?

Here is a small piece of the book taken from Chapter two, What Defines our Life?:
What about madness? Was Jesus crazy? Again how could a mad man deceive so many people into thinking He knew what He was talking about? If you have ever met a mad person you would know there is no chance of Jesus teaching the crowds the Bible says He taught without being found out. I have seen many mad people in Africa as a missionary and I can tell you there is no way to hide such mental instability. And again, the ones who say that Jesus was not God but a good moral teacher are basically saying that a mad man is a good moral teacher. Wow, what a claim, a mad man as a moral teacher. That would be like saying that we could look to someone like the Joker as a good source of morals. Jesus has truly deceived many if He was indeed mad.

We hope that you will spread the word and even buy a copy for yourself as it will help us in our fund-raising for Scotland. We do recieve a higher royalty if purchased from the web address above than if it is purchased through Amazon so we recomend buying from there. The price is for 15.00 plus the shipping. It is a made to order so the printing is done when the order is placed.

We hope you all enjoy it as it is very close to our hearts. Thank you all again for all of your prayers during the last couple years we have been in the states. God Bless you all and again, Thank You.

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