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Thursday, December 1, 2011

We still have the vision...

Hello folks. How is one and all? It has come time to let you all know a sad bit of news. We want to first say thank you to all who stood with us both prayerfully and financially during our time at home while raising awareness for our backpackers ministry. It was a big encouragement to us, especially with trying to settle back into life in America and finding a job and all. So we really appreciate it. We regret to inform you though that we will not be heading to Scotland for the time being. We were not able to raise the funds we needed to support the mission over there and as such we do not feel it is right to draw out any longer the fund raising we have been doing for the last two years. We are sorry to see this mission not happen but we know and believe that God is in control and that He has a reason for everything He does. The vision has not died. We still have a heart to see the backpackers hear the gospel of Jesus, but we understand that it is not to be right now. So we thank you again for all your prayers and we hope to keep in touch so that you may know when the time has come for us to go to the backpackers. Thank you.

In other news this is where we are at right now and how you can be praying for us. For now we are living in Albuquerque New Mexico. Nate is working hard to find a good paying job that can support our little family. I(Nate) have my New Mexico state license for practicing as an EMT-Basic but for whatever reason I have not yet been able to find work with it. But we also want to have something that will keep us involved in ministry if God wills. Nate has put his resume in to several churches looking for work as a youth pastor. So far it has not been very encouraging but he keeps trying. It is our desire to help young people as this would keep us as a family involved in a church besides just attending on Sundays and according to studies done by groups like Answers in Genesis at least 70 percent of young people today are leaving the church once they graduate from high school. That number is appalling. We want to be able to reach these kids to give them a look at Christ and see that He is real and relevant to their lives. We are also hoping that this might give us a bit more experience for our future with the backpackers of Europe.

As for our boys William has started homeschooling. He is very smart and learning to read and can even write his name without any help. He loves puzzles and video games. Josue can say most of his ABC's and can even count to 10 by himself. He loves Cars(Pixar that is) and Thomas the train. Gabriel is learning how to say all kinds of words. Some of his favorite words are pizza and poopy. Why those two we don't know. He also loves Thomas the train. They are a handful but they are our little blessings.

So this is where we sit right now. We are just trying to pay our bills and serve God while doing it. We are still waiting for Nate's book to take off. We are hoping for it to get out there and start reaching people with the Gospel of Christ. It was from God's leading that I decided to write it so we are hoping it will really minister to those who find it. Please keep it in your prayers, or if you should decide you would like to get a copy for yourselves you can find it at or on The title is This Pilgrim's Journey: and his thoughts on what he has learned and it runs for 15 dollars. Also please be praying for Nate as he tries to find work. It is not an easy time to find a good job and he has put in many resumes and applications all across the country for EMT or youth pastor, even applications at Wal-Mart and Starbucks.

Again we thank you all so much for your prayers and support and we love you all so much. Thank you and may God bless you all.


  1. Paying Bills, Pizza and Poopy diapers?!?! Is this the life of a Kingdom Warrior? Apparently yes. Bond Bro, I too, find myself in a place that is too uncomfortably complacent. Hardly spirit stimulating but all according to that Divine Design, so elusive as 'seeing int he glass darkly'. Know that I am with you as you polish your sword, and hoe the plot.

  2. Oh if it's not clear this is David Griffith, fondly remembering the days when we eschewed being Nice and pursued our Kingdom Passion at the Yei YWAM base.